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About Me

Traveling and good food – those two have been my hobbies since forever. As many other girls I used to love shopping too, but a nomad life with frequent moving has turned me into a minimalist. These days I just enjoy eating nice food, exploring new places and making new experiences 😀

This website would be where I share with you all the good eateries I’ve been to, and the exotic lands I’ve been lucky to set foot on. Currently I’m living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam so most of the restaurants reviewed would be here. I started this page as a hobby and my first priority is to be objective and neutral, so be assured there will be no shameless PR for any certain places. I should also stress that for me, the most important criteria regarding food are good quality and good value for money 🙂

However, as everyone has different taste, restaurants and staff all have on and off days, etc, there are many factors that can make each person’s experience at a place different from another’s. So please keep an open mind if you ever read or follow any of my recommendations. Hope you will have a great time like I did!

The Nomad Quynh