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Maison Marou – the best place for all chocolate dessert fans

I’m a girl with a sweet tooth. No matter how full I am after every meal, I always have space in my belly for dessert   And because they are my favorites I tend to be quite picky. For example, I don’t often order chocolate cakes or drinks in Vietnam, as I can tell when they don’t use good quality ingredients.

That’s why when Maison Marou chocolate drinks and dessert shop finally arrived, I was like “thank God!”. This place for sure beats all the competition around. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a hot chocolate that good anywhere, let alone in Vietnam.

Marou wasn’t a newbie though. It was originally a made-in-Vietnam chocolate brand owned by a few passionate French guys. When they first came to Vietnam, they saw the potential to make good chocolate here as many regions in Vietnam can offer different types of good quality cacao.

Six provinces in Southern Vietnam where Marou’s cacao is from

The first time I knew about Marou was when I moved to HCM City a few years ago. It was here when I started seeing this brand in many places (coffee shops, bistros, foreign supermarkets…) and was curious. Then I read an article telling the story about how the guys started this business, and saw many good feedback about their chocolate, so I decided to give it a try. I would say perhaps it suits more with someone who likes the original bitter and sour taste of chocolate (I’m more of a Royce fresh chocolate kind of girl), but it was quite nice nonetheless.

For me, the turning point when they started gaining a lot more recognition was definitely when they launched their first chocolate drinks and dessert shop in Hochiminh City. It wasn’t only their biggest showroom to date, but also a bar that offered wonderful drinks and cakes made from their own chocolate. I still remember my first time there, and even now although I have been there many times, the feeling is still the same – it must be how little Charlie felt when he first walked into Willy Wonka factory  Oh, the heavenly smell of freshly made chocolate, the nice selection of drinks and cakes…  Besides the usually available cakes, every week or two they would come up with a new limited edition that doesn’t only look good but also taste wonderful. I must say I am very impressed with the skills and creativity of their bakery chef!

 Regarding drinks, below are their best offers:

– Signature Marou chocolate (both hot/cold options available, but I always go for the hot one in order to fully enjoy its rich creamy texture). This one is my favorite, I order it whenever I’m there. It’s just perfect. I don’t think anyone no matter how difficult they are can find any faults with this drinks 😀

Marou cheesecake and Signature hot chocolate

Marou cheesecake and Signature hot chocolate

– Signature Bold: as the name suggests, this is for anyone who prefers their chocolate a bit more bitter and denser.

– Passionfruit choc: A combination of chocolate and passionfruit. This is for someone who likes a bit of sourness in their drinks.

– All the traditional coffees are also available, very nice quality as well. There are also a few choices for alcoholic drinks.

🍰🍪 About the cakes:

– The always available ones are eclair, cheesecake, mousse, fruit tart, opera cake…which are all so good. And as I mentioned above, every week or two they would have a new limited kind which is always a must try ^^

Fruit tart made with real mango, peach, banana, etc

Fruit tart made with real mango, peach, banana, etc

– Cookies, brownie, chocolate popcorn, macarons… are also available and very yummy too 

White chocolate mousse and Chocolate popcorn

Pricewise the cakes and drinks here might not be considered cheap if you compare them to normal local standard (each one is about VND100,000), but for such good quality it’s well justified 

In 2017 Marou opened their second shop in Hanoi. Great news for all chocolate lovers there!

Inside Maison Marou Saigon

The real-life version of Willy Wonka chocolate factory

Amazing cakes! (and I don’t say amazing often)

Open kitchen in front of which you can sit and watch

MAISON MAROU (café, pâtisserie and bean-to-bar factory)

Address: In HCMC: 167 Calmette St., District 1 – Tel 028 7300 5010

In Hanoi: 91A Tho Nhuom, Hoan Kiem – Tel 024 3717 3969

Opening hours: Everyday from 09:00 – 22:00


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